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SF 231: Healing and Wholeness (1) - In this course we will seek to properly grasp the biblical reality and present-day ministry of Divine healing. Our foundation for this will be, first, the revelation of Scripture, and second, the testimony of church history. Divine healing and wholeness will be explained through the lens of the
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SF 131: Principles of Spiritual Leadership (1) – Spiritual leadership is a kind of leadership that is birthed in, defined by, empowered by and executed through the activity of the Holy Spirit. Leadership is present in every human context – from the family unit to international organizations. The church, too, must have leaders. But, those
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SF 111: Principles of Holiness (2) - This course is designed to orient the student to the biblical concept of holiness as an attribute of God, a state of being believers enter into as a result of the cross, and as a growing quality of life as a result of obedience and devotion to Christ.
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SF 101: Identity in Christ (2) – In this course we will engage the Scriptures by the Holy Spirit to gain a richer and more complete understanding of the believer’s identity in Christ. We will take a panoramic view of the Scriptures, with a major emphasis on the epistles, to reveal a three-fold foundation upon
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SF 100: FIRE Groups (1) – FIRE groups are small group mentoring opportunities that are built into the curriculum during each trimester. They require some reading and writing in addition to personal interaction and dialogue. FIRE groups are pass/fail courses that are based upon student participation, and are included in 5 of the 6 trimesters
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