MM 251: Fivefold Ministry: Kingdom Leadership

MM 251: Fivefold Ministry: Kingdom Leadership (4) – This course is about leadership in the Kingdom of God. It is an attempt to look carefully and thoroughly about what the New Testament has to say about how the Christian church – both universal and local – is to be led, constructed and governed. There are dozens of leadership ‘structures,’ countless definitions of ‘offices,’ and even more descriptions of how ‘authority’ is embodied within them, or conveyed from them. One of the foundational purposes for this class is to step into the world of the earliest churches, and discover with fresh eyes how the New Testament authors conceived of the roles of leaders and their relationships to one another. Our interest lies, therefore, not only in the “fivefold” breakdown in Ephesians 4, but also in appreciating and understanding the larger spectrum of giftings and responsibilities reflected in other kinds of leaders, like elders/overseers, deacons and the like. As a part of this course, students will benefit from lecturers who can be identified with each of the five groups in Ephesians 4:11. And, finally, each student will be invited to consider his/her own identity through this lens, and the broader witness of the New Testament about congregational leadership.