MM 101: The Gospel of the Kingdom

MM 101: The Gospel of the Kingdom: Repentance, Faith and Discipleship (2) – The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the hope of the world. But what exactly is it? Anyone who studies the New Testament realizes quickly that the heart of Jesus’ ministry was an announcement about something he called “the Kingdom of God.” And, though it appears less frequently outside of the gospels, this foundational idea of God’s Kingdom was shared by the apostles, who sought to explain it, demonstrate its presence, and otherwise live out the realities that characterize it. This course will illumine the nature and implications of Jesus’ Kingdom Gospel for his hearers, both ancient and modern. We will locate his proclamation in light of its ancient contexts, describe its surprising and revolutionary character, and discuss how this must inform our own speaking, preaching and teaching about Jesus today. In short, we will seek to define exactly what the Gospel was, and is, as the unique, powerful, and transforming message about what God is at work to do in and through Jesus.